August 21, 2018

FBI to Target Undocumented Aliens

“The FBI has been identified as a key player in a covert operation to identify undocumented immigrants. In documents obtained from the Obama Administration, the program known as Secure Communities seeks to identify illegal immigrants in American jails across the country. The documents reveal that the program is only a small part of a broader inter-agency operation that obtains personal records of not only incarcerated foreign citizens but incarcerated US citizens.

FBI to Target Undocumented Aliens

Secure Communities is ran through an agency of the Department of Homeland Security and its base of operations is in Florida. The basic premise of the program is to run arrested individuals through a screening process that includes fingerprinting. Law enforcement will run the fingerprints through a Department of Homeland Security Database, if the person has previously been fingerprinted by Immigration than the Immigration and Customs Enforcement requires that they detain the inmate until ICE officials can arrive to question them and ultimately decide what to do with them. The process is only helpful in identifying individuals who have already been classified as illegally in the US but law enforcement officials still hail the program as a step in the right direction. One important problem that the Secure Communities program has overcome is racial profiling.

“”It doesn’t look at the color of your skin,”" Deputy Scott Hassell of Etowa County said in an interview with the Gadsen Times. “”It looks at clear objective data.”"

Regardless of that positive aspect, the program has come under fire recently with the realization of how vast the network is and how easily the information obtained could be used against US citizens. Many states are balking at the idea of instituting it. So far three states: Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York have outright refused to obey the Obama Administrations initiative. They claim that the program is not carrying out its originally stated mission which was to detain the most dangerous criminals. According to the Denver Post two-thirds of the twenty one people detained in Colorado through Secure Communities were not dangerous criminals.

With the documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that uncovered the FBI’s integral role in the program, the main concern is that the massive data collection will eventually be used for other programs within the Department of Homeland Security. Programs that will threaten the rights of legal citizens and residents of the US.”

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