August 21, 2018

FBI Raids LulzSec Members Home

“In the light of recent attacks by hacker groups and major media attention on government secrets being exposed via sites like WikiLeaks, the FBI has began a crackdown across the US. Most recently focusing on Anonymous and its off-shoot, LulzSecurity. Anonymous is no stranger to US law enforcement. Last year the FBI investigated the cyber hacker group for attacks on companies and people related to the movie and entertainment industry. Including an attack on a website operated by Gene Simmons for anti-piracy remarks he made. The investigation resulted in a raid on the home of Mr. Darrin Lantz in April of this year. Court records show that confiscated computer hardware that belonged to Mr. Lantz had attacked a website over 48,000 times in less than an hour.

FBI Raids LulzSec Members Home

The investigation gained momentum as LulzSecurity, or LulzSec, as it is widely known, a group that broke off from Anonymous claimed responsibility in attacks on Sony, the CIA, FBI affiliates, and other organizations. A series of attacks that spanned over a fifty day period, and ended via a twitter announcement on Saturday, June 25th. LulzSec made reference to a crew of six that were disbanding after successfully completing the series of hacks. However, it is widely thought that they disbanded due to the mounting pressure from the growing international investigation.

British authorities have been working with the FBI to take down these two hacker groups, and have so far arrested seven people. One of them being Ryan Cleary, a 19 year old hacker who was a prominent member of both Anonymous and LulzSec. Although LulzSec claims he was only a marginal member of the group, out of the seven arrested, he is the only one who has been charged. The Monday following LulzSec’s twitter announcement, the FBI raided the house of a teenager in Ohio suspected of being affiliated with the group and later that week raided the home of an Iowan female, Laurelai Baily. The information confiscate in these raids coupled with evidence provided by Mr. Cleary has given the FBI an abundance of information about the inner workings of hacker groups and has, at least for now, gained the upper hand.”

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