August 21, 2018

FBI Surveilance of Ernest Hemingway

FBI Surveilance of Ernest HemingwayAuthor and journalist Ernest Hemingway’s initial complaints and seemingly paranoid behavior surrounding FBI surveillance may have validity after all according to Mr. Hemingway’s longtime friend and playwright Aaoron Edward Hotchner.

In November of 1960, just eight months prior to Hemingway’s suicide, Hotchner and another friend, Duke MacMullen, joined Hemingway in Idaho for a fishing trip.

Hotchner tells of several events in which Hemingway’s behavior reflected his belief that the FBI were actively following and monitoring him.

Hemingway believed not only that his car was bugged in attempts to gather information, but that two FBI agents were digging through his bank accounts, all in an effort to prove that Hemingway was attempting to start a spy network and had connections to Cuba.

Hemingway had been hospitalized for nervousness, depression, and failed suicide attempts and he received electric shock therapy.

His thoughts and beliefs about the FBI surveillance were called delusional, and it was not until a Freedom Of Information Act request revealed that Hemingway was indeed the subject of surveillance as he suspected all along.

Mr. Hotchner states that he regrets not taking Hemingway’s complaints seriously.