September 20, 2018

Working For The FBI: Do You Have What It Takes?

Summary: For getting a job with the FBI, a person has to meet certain eligibility criteria such as age, qualifications, work experience and public record. If the person meets the criteria, then an application can be made. If selected there are two further stages of a complete background investigation and an intensive 21 week training. Only on completion of both these can a person become an FBI agent.


Getting a job with the FBI is a considered prestigious and it is a dream of many young Americans to work with the Bureau.  Beside the excitement of apprehending criminals, the job also helps to perform a public service by saving the lives of many people. There is also a lot of analysis, planning and problem solving that exercises the grey cells. It has a perfect mix of brain and brawn which is what makes it a popular choice for thousands of aspirants. However, not everyone may be cut out for a position with the Bureau.

One of the first criteria that a person has to meet for getting a job with the FBI is that he has to be a U.S. citizen who is between the age of 23 and 46. In addition, he or she must have at least a four year degree from an accredited university or college along with a minimum of three years work experience as a professional. The areas where the person’s specialization could help him qualify for entry to the Bureau are accounting, languages, law, computers and information technology or certain other diverse fields.

In addition to this, the person should also meet certain other requirements for a job with the FBI such as having a valid driver’s license, no previous convictions for a felony, no violation of the drug policy outlined by the Bureau, and no default on student loans received from the Federal Government. The person also has to pass a drug test, and meet the physical fitness requirements laid down in the guidelines. An additional requirement is that the person should be available to work in any part of the world as and when the situation demands it.

Once a person meets these criteria, he or she can then make a formal application through the FBI website. If selected from amongst the thousands of applicants, there are two more stages to be completed before the person gets the job. The first is a thorough background investigation before a clearance is given. This is in view of the sensitive and classified nature of the information that the person will have access to. The second is 21 week training program that pushes the mental and physical abilities of the person to the limit. If they successfully complete the program, they qualify for a job as an agent. If they do not qualify, then there is still the option of applying for support jobs with the Bureau at locations throughout the country.

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The History Of The FBI Most Wanted List And Its Most Notorious Members

Summary: The FBI most wanted list has been in publication since 1950. The list is updated as soon as a criminal is caught, killed, no longer considered a threat or if the charges against them are dropped. The most notorious criminals in the history of the FBI most wanted list are Billie Austin Bryant, Gerhard Arthur Puff and Willie Sutton, all of whom have a long history of assaults, convictions and even some escapes from prison.

fbi most wanted list

Getting on the FBI most wanted list is no easy task. With the different types of crimes investigated by the agency such as terrorism, organized crime, white collar crime, major thefts and heists, cyber crime, civil rights related crimes and counterintelligence, there is a long list of criminals contending for the top spots. The list originated quite by accident in 1949, in a casual conversation between the then Director, J Edgar Hoover and the Editor in Chief of the INS, W.H. Hutchinson and was followed up by an article featuring the list. Such was the popularity of the article that since March, 1950, the Bureau started publishing it regularly.

The way the FBI most wanted list works is that the top ten most dangerous fugitives are put on the list. In the event of one of them being captured or killed, the next person on the list fills their place. Similarly, the Bureau can remove a person’s name from a list when they are no longer considered a threat or when the charges against them are dropped. In rare instances, an eleventh name is added to the list if a new fugitive who is extremely dangerous has to be added and none of the other ten can be removed.

Historically, the most notorious criminals on the FBI most wanted list are Billie Austin Bryant, Gerhard Arthur Puff and Willie Sutton. Billie Austin Bryant who was convicted to serve 18 to 54 years for bank robbery and assault in April 1968 escaped from the corrections facility where he was being held. Subsequently, he robbed and other bank and killed two FBI agents who came to his wife’s house in pursuit after getting information about his whereabouts after the bank robbery. He was recaptured in January 1969 after being identified in a line up by the third agent who was at the scene of the killing of his fellow agents.

Gerhard Arthur Puff on the other hand had a long list of crimes on his portfolio before he made it to the FBI most wanted list. His crimes included robbery, assault, breaking and entering, and finally armed robbery. He was finally apprehended in 1952 and sentenced to death in the electric chair in August 1954. Similarly, Willie Sutton, who was also known as The Actor for his ingenious methods of executing robberies was convicted in 1931, escaped in 1932, recaptured in 1934, once again escaped in 1947 and then again caught in 1952. He was released in 1969 from prison owing to poor health and finally died in 1980 in Florida at 79 years.

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Find Out If You Are Wanted By The FBI!

If you are looking for a professional career in the United States, joining the FBI could be a prestigious and fulfilling one. With FBI Jobs, you are guaranteed to have a professional job, which provides you with the ample security and benefits. There are a variety of jobs that this professional investigating agency offers and you can look for some of the options, like special agents or professional staff.

wanted by the fbi

When you are looking for FBI Jobs, traits that will help you score points are responsibility and confidence, not to mention the skills you have. When you bag a job at the FBI, you should know that your contribution has a definitive role to play in the security and protection interests of the nation. You also have the distinct responsibility to reduce crime, corruption, drug trafficking, etc., which are considered as some of the premier social evils.

If you are hired as an FBI special agent in the quest for FBI Jobs, you need to be able to multitask. You need to be courageous, with the necessary educational and practical skills that are needed for the purpose. While the demands of the job are quite high, the satisfaction you feel upon every successful job. It is quite a prestigious position and your salary can be as high as 52,000-100,000$ on a yearly basis.

FBI Jobs also has other vacancies in different positions are also offered by the organization. These positions are available in diverse fields like information technology, applied science, human resources, etc. and you can apply for the same.  While these tasks are desk jobs, these positions are also valuable and solve the various purposes of the organization, even helping agents out in the field.

Since FBI Jobs are valuable and provides you with a sense of security, you should be very careful during the application process. Since the year 2009, the online applications are being accepted for these jobs and you get the opportunity to apply through the Internet. You can set up your own job account, save your resumes and apply for suitable posts without any hindrance.

If you are pursuing college degree, you are still eligible for FBI Jobs. The FBI does offer college recruitment programs and you can expect campus visits by the organization. You can have a prospective career ahead of you by joining the FBI fresh out of college in.

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Learn About The FBI Academy

If you are interested in being an FBI agent, then there are various tests you will be required to go through. In this article, we are not going to be telling you about the requirements to be an agent, we are going to be telling you about the academy you will be attending once you pass all of those requirements. The FBI Academy can be found in Quantico, Virginia. This is a training site for the new Special Agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

fbi academy

It first opened its doors during the year 1972. During this time, it was nesting on three hundred and eighty five acres. If you think about it, it is a bit small for a government academy. It houses three dorm buildings along with associated facilities. Generally, those training for the drug enforcement administration will be going through twenty one weeks of training on these grounds.

At the main training area, you are going to come across three dormitory buildings, a library, a classroom building, a dining hall, a Training Center and a Forensic Science Research Center. You will also find a chapel, a one thousand seat auditorium, an outside track, a big gymnasium and a garage that is fully equipped.

In addition to this main complex, there is a mock city called Hogan’s Alley. Hogan’s Alley replicates a small town. This town is used for training those new people in the FBI. Behind the facades, you will come across classrooms that are functioning fully. There are also storage areas, audio-visual facilities and maintenance office. Above Hogan’s Alley is a 1.1 mile defensive/pursuit driving training track.

There is an indoor firing range, which is where they train law enforcement officers. There is also a big firing range outside and a two hundred yard rifle range. This is a very secured facility and they do not have their doors open for any tours by the public. The only ones who are allowed through the doors are those who need training and the workers.

The units that are here include the Police Training Unit, Forensic Science Research, Firearms Training Unit and Training Center. There is also the Law Enforcement Communication, Investigative Training, Physical Training, New Agent’s Training, Practical Applications and Investigative Computer Training Units.

Most of the units here are for new field agents. However, they are also used in order to update the existing agents on the new techniques that are coming out. The Forensic Research and Training Center is an interesting part of this facility. It is known for being a world class forensic laboratory amongst many things.

For groups of international and American law enforcement executives, this training area is known for conducting four ten week sessions every year. This academy appears in “The Silence of the Lambs.” In fact, it is one of the main locations in this book and film adaptation.

There are various television shows that mentions this academy, such as X-Files, NCIS, FlashForward, Criminal Minds and more. For those of you going into the FBI, you will be attending the FBI academy, if you are able to meet the requirements.

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