September 20, 2018

FBI Training: What You Need to Know Before the Polygraph

Summary: FBI training is extremely important and to pass it you need to be very tough and you need to clear the polygraph test.

FBI training is one of the toughest ordeals to go through in order to get into the FBI academy. The FBI recruitment academy is known for the hardest tests for mental and physical toughness. The reason why the recruitment training process is so tough is that if you are not well prepared to handle tough situations, you will fail as a FBI officer. Therefore, there are certain things that one should take note of when preparing for the training to make the cut as a graduate to become a special agent of the FBI.

fbi training

Before you get into the FBI academy for training you need to know that if you are not physically equipped then you will not pass the FBI training. Further, as FBI deals with extremely sensitive issues, every position in the FBI requires Top Security Clearance. Before you begin to work with the FBI, you have to undergo intensive background investigation, which includes illegal drug test, polygraph test, records and credit checks, extensive interviews with current and former colleagues, friends, neighbors, professors and others.

After completion of FBI training, applicants who receive conditional offer for job in FBI are required to submit forms of background investigations and they will be contacted by FBI field offices through applicant coordinator. The coordinator will make arrangements and schedule a time for job applicants for polygraph test, personnel security interview and illegal drug test.

Passing the polygraph test plays an important factor in the acceptance into the FBI training. You need to pass the polygraph test successfully in order to get employed in the FBI. The polygraph test will ensure that the information that is provided by the applicant is verified and checked for alcohol and drug abuse and also for national security matters. Thus, it is extremely important that you pass the background investigation of the FBI. You can get information about the whole background checking process from the official FBI website,

Apart from passing the polygraph test for the FBI training, you need to provide details for background investigation. You need to remember that you should not have felony conviction, illegal drug use, student loan default, positive urinalysis drug test, and registration failure with selective service system. All these important aspects are taken into consideration while you are opting for a job in the FBI. Therefore, you must remember that before you get on with the application process, everything is in proper order.

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