September 20, 2018

Working For The FBI: Do You Have What It Takes?

Summary: For getting a job with the FBI, a person has to meet certain eligibility criteria such as age, qualifications, work experience and public record. If the person meets the criteria, then an application can be made. If selected there are two further stages of a complete background investigation and an intensive 21 week training. Only on completion of both these can a person become an FBI agent.


Getting a job with the FBI is a considered prestigious and it is a dream of many young Americans to work with the Bureau.  Beside the excitement of apprehending criminals, the job also helps to perform a public service by saving the lives of many people. There is also a lot of analysis, planning and problem solving that exercises the grey cells. It has a perfect mix of brain and brawn which is what makes it a popular choice for thousands of aspirants. However, not everyone may be cut out for a position with the Bureau.

One of the first criteria that a person has to meet for getting a job with the FBI is that he has to be a U.S. citizen who is between the age of 23 and 46. In addition, he or she must have at least a four year degree from an accredited university or college along with a minimum of three years work experience as a professional. The areas where the person’s specialization could help him qualify for entry to the Bureau are accounting, languages, law, computers and information technology or certain other diverse fields.

In addition to this, the person should also meet certain other requirements for a job with the FBI such as having a valid driver’s license, no previous convictions for a felony, no violation of the drug policy outlined by the Bureau, and no default on student loans received from the Federal Government. The person also has to pass a drug test, and meet the physical fitness requirements laid down in the guidelines. An additional requirement is that the person should be available to work in any part of the world as and when the situation demands it.

Once a person meets these criteria, he or she can then make a formal application through the FBI website. If selected from amongst the thousands of applicants, there are two more stages to be completed before the person gets the job. The first is a thorough background investigation before a clearance is given. This is in view of the sensitive and classified nature of the information that the person will have access to. The second is 21 week training program that pushes the mental and physical abilities of the person to the limit. If they successfully complete the program, they qualify for a job as an agent. If they do not qualify, then there is still the option of applying for support jobs with the Bureau at locations throughout the country.

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