September 20, 2018

How To Become A FBI Agent

FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is one of the most dedicated government agencies you are going to find in the world. They are standing by to protect their country, no matter what they have to do. They are one of the most respected and feared government forces you will come across in the world. They not only protect the United states of America by fighting against crime such as thefts, drug couriers, heists, racketeering and smuggling, but an FBI agents also combats the biggest threat to the world and that is terrorism.

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Many would like to protect their country against the evils that are floating around out there today. They do this by joining the army, police and government agencies. There are many out there that would like to join the F. B. I. Becoming an agent at first, may seem impossible to you.

This is because many individuals out there have tried to be one, yet they have failed. They failed because it takes only the best to be one of these agents. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is impossible. As long as you put your mind into it, then you can turn it into possible. There are various things you should know about becoming an agent and that is what we are going to tell you.

In order to become one, you will need to be at least twenty three years old. However, you should be no older than thirty seven. There are certain circumstances where the age does not matter, but for most, the age limit is what we just stated. Of course, you will need to be an American citizen or hold American citizenship.

If you have a criminal background, then you are canceled out. In order to be an agent, you cannot have any criminal records. You will also be required to hold a four year bachelor’s degree.

Apart from all of this, you should also be healthy. If you want to be an agent, then you need to meet those strict physical needs. You have to have twenty-twenty vision in your eyes. With corrected vision, it should be no worse than twenty-forty vision. Sure, attending a prestigious college would be an advantage, but it isn’t really a must. You should really specialize in law or something that is similar to this.

Remember that the Bureau is going to be doing strict background checks, so when you attend those interviews, it is going to take a large amount of time. You will have to take written tests, which is not going to be as easy as most of the field tests. There are cases where you may even be asked to take a lie detector test.

For those of you thinking of becoming an FBI agent, all of these are well worth it if you are serious about your job. If you are successful in your application, then for a total of four months, you will be going through training at the F. B. I. Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

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