September 20, 2018

FBI Requirements – How To Join The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation job description includes dealing with drug trafficking, organized crime, civil rights violations, counter terrorist, espionage and violence done in any form. This is a very demanding job, not to mention the fact that it can put a lot of stress on your plate. You will not know if you have what it takes or not, until you take a look at the FBI requirements. We are going to help you out by telling you about the requirements in the paragraphs below.

fbi requirements

Before we tell you the requirements, there are some special things we would like to go over. By being an agent, you will be dealing with the investigation of criminals. You will also be protecting the economy from any danger of terrorists.

Yes, this can be a dangerous job and it is going to require a lot of patience as well as will power on your side. No one ever said that this is an easy task and it will be hard to find time for himself. Basically, one of the first requirements would be dedicating yourself to this job.

An agent may be assigned to special investigations and tasks. For example, one may have to do some undercover operations, which they will be getting special training from.

The training is all going to depend on the type of assignments one gets. For example, the FBI agent requirements are the same as the FBI special agent requirements. You will need to go through sixteen weeks of recruitment. You may also have to go through certain types of training in the future, depending on the assignments you get.

List of FBI agent requirements:

1. Be at least twenty three years of age.

2. Must be a citizen of the United States3. Have a four year bachelor’s degree. This degree can come from any college or academy.

4. Have a minimum of three years work experience under the belt.

5. A valid drivers license.

They must qualify for certain special agent entry programs. A list of those programs include: law, computer science, language and accounting. After they qualify for these entry programs, they will go through tests on their critical skills. Some of those critical skills tests could be engineering expertise, accounting, intelligence experience, military experience, finance, foreign language proficiency and law enforcement experience. These are critical skills that are needed for surviving and working as an agent. If you have more than one of the skills we mentioned above, then you will be given preference.

The next step in the recruitment process would be the physical requirements. You will go through some tests that will check and see if you are physically fit for this job. For starters, you will have to run for a mile and a half. You will be required to do pushups, complete a three hundred meter spring and do a certain amount of sit-ups. After the tests, each applicant will need to go through a background check. This is a major part in the process of recruitment. Before the background information, you will get a conditional offer letter. In order to join the FBI, you need to pass the background test.

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