September 20, 2018

12 Killed at Dark Knight Rises Premiere in Aurora Colorado – James Holmes in Custody

It was a dark night indeed for those who were attending a screening of the new Batman film ‘Dark Knight Rises’ as a lone gunman, now identified by authorities as 24 year old James Holmes, wreaked havoc on the Century 16 Cinema in Aurora, Colorado killing 12 people and injuring scores more. Film-goers were in for a shock as the suspect James Holmes entered the theater, heavily armed and intent on harm. After throwing what some are reporting to be tear gas, the suspect Holmes proceeded to shoot into the heavily crowded area.

James Holmes - Suspected Aurora Colorado Shooter

James Holmes is being reported by authorities as the suspected shooter who killed 12 and injured 50 people at the premier of 'Dark Knight Rises' in Aurora Colorado. Image Source:

The screening, which started shortly after midnight, was a highly anticipated event. Some in attendance reported seeing the gas, but thinking it was some sort of effect having to do with the movie. The realization that it was not was soon apparent as the shooter, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a shotgun and two handguns began firing. People were torn between staying in place and running to safety. Bodies were in the aisles, bloodied and badly injured, as those able to make it out quickly ran past them. Initial reports counted as many as 15 killed, but it is currently believed that 12 people were killed and 50 more injured.

As reports made their way to the airwaves, friends, family and concerned citizens began to crowd area hospitals awaiting word on their loved ones. Shock and dismay are obvious in the faces of those captured by news cameras reporting this event. What should have been an enjoyable outing quickly became an act of horror, one Governor John Hickenlooper is calling an act of depravity.

The suspect, James Holmes, was reported to have been wearing a gas mask at the time of the attack. After this unimaginable act of violence was carried out, Holmes is reported to have surrendered and was promptly taken into custody without incident. There are no confirmed reports of a motive at this time. An FBI spokesperson has reported that this gunman acted alone and there is no indication that a second person was present or involved. Over 100 FBI agents are involved in the investigation in Aurora – at the movie theater, as well as Holmes’ apartment. Authorities are now looking into how the suspect acquired the weapons. The building in which the gunman lived and those surrounding it were evacuated in attempts by ATF agents to make sure it did not pose a danger and was not booby-trapped.

Words of compassion were not only received from the governor, but also from President Barack Obama. He stated his sincere sympathy to those involved and issued a plea to the American people to come together during this devastating time.

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