August 16, 2018

FBI Paid Informants Targeted by ATF Gun Investigation

“In what could only be seen as a Keystone Kops moment, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has implicated the FBI and the DEA in congressional testimony about gun trafficking with Mexican drug cartels.

FBI Paid Informants Targeted by ATF Gun Investigation

Kenneth E Melson, ATF acting director, in an interview with the inspector general on July 4, indicated that the target of the ATF operation was a former drug cartel member who had been deported from the US by the DEA. He was also a paid FBI informant, something that the ATF did not know.

Melson also inferred that the ATF was never in the information loop with the FBI and DEA regarding their covert operations with the Mexican drug cartel informant.

A principal effort of the ATF has been to intervene and interdict the gun traffic between the US and Mexico. Yet, according to testimony before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee in June, investigators have been ordered to stand down and permit smugglers to take guns into Mexico.

Only later did it become known that the very individual that the ATF was after was a paid informant for the FBI.

Under the ATF gun trafficking operation, known as Fast and FuriousĀ, many guns that were supposed to be tracked by the ATF were found at crime scenes in Mexico and Arizona. A recently captured Mexican gang member asserted that gangs could get any guns they wanted, and that even the US government was selling them.

A number of Congressional members voiced concern about the apparent lack of communication between government agencies and the tacit approval of using tax payer money to pay known international drug and gun smugglers for information. Serious concerns about the entire operation were raised in a letter to Eric Holder, Attorney General and head of the Justice Department, from Sen. Charles Grassley (R- Iowa) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista, San Diego).

The war on drugs and weapons contraband between the US and Mexico starts with a clearly articulated and shared mission by all US government agencies. Given the bickering and accusations between departments, that has yet to happen.”

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