August 21, 2018

Obama Wants to Extend FBI Director Term

President Obama is requesting the extension of the length of term that the FBI Director serves, citing ongoing terrorist threats, and possibly in light of the recent discovery of mass amounts of Al Qaeda information and intelligence that was recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound when the Navy SEAL Team Six killed him.

The normal term of the FBI Director is 10 years, and the current FBI Director Robert Mueller is getting very close to the end of his term – which ends this September.

FBI Director Robert Mueller

FBI Director Robert Mueller. President Obama seeks a 2 year extension on the term limit for the FBI Director position.

Congressional approval is required of any change to this term limit, since it was Congress who imposed the term limit after J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI for 48 years.

While no director has yet to serve the full 10 year term, FBI Director Robert Mueller is very close to doing so.  There are other intelligence agencies that are undergoing leadership transitions, so this is probably a means to have some level of continuity in domestic intelligence and the fight against terrorism.

It is still early to gauge the political reaction to this request, but there is already early support from key Senate Democrats like Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who said, “”I was delighted when President Obama informed me that he has asked Director Mueller to stay on at the bureau for an additional two years.”

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